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This is what we do....


Bingo is what we are all about. It’s been in decline since 2005 with many clubs closing but we are here to put it back on the map! Come on down and play our great new game, Power 6. Pick your favourite 6 numbers or choose a lucky dip and you could be in with a chance to win up to £10,000 from £1 a ticket. Two Fat Ladies 88, Legs 11, number 3 – cup of tea, how good is your Bingo Lingo? Bingo runs regularly throughout the day in all our clubs. We are licensed by the Gambling Commission to operate Bingo.


You can view our licence here



Want to get on the old green baize? Never played before or haven't played for a while? Looking to start a sport in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere? Well look no further, with over 30 tables across our clubs, all you need to do is choose your nearest Raging Ball Ball Club! Each club also has a match table fitted with Steel Block cushions. These are the very best as the cushion rubber is fitted to steel plate for the truest, most uniform & consistent bounce you can get. Our tables are brushed, blocked & ironed daily to ensure you feel like a pro on every visit. Cues, balls & all the tackle you need to get started are also provided.

English pool

These are the smallest of our tables, a game that’s simple to understand and play. English Pool is a great place to start if you are new to Cue Sports. We use Supreme Winner & Simply Kensington tables in our clubs. Leagues & Teams are always welcome & we are planning some regular competitions too. Highly maintained, these tables are ready for you to rack em’ up.

American pool

As Tom Cruise said in the Colour of Money, referring to American Pool “It’s just a game, man. some balls and a stick”. He was right, an easy game to play, but hard to be the best at! This is a number of cue sports games played on American style tables with numbered balls. 8 ball, 9 ball & more games - we have it all, just see our how to page to get you started. Ball Sizes are large, as are the pockets so this makes for a fun and easy game for all to play. We use Sam K-Steel tables, the best in the business, covered in the finest cloth on the market. Guaranteed to make you feel like a true hustler on every visit!



All our Bingo Clubs have awesome fully loaded bars serving your favourite drinks. Cold draft beer is always available, along with a fine selection of wines & spirits. Soft drinks, piping hot tea & a selection of coffee are also on offer. Whether you have joined us to play or to just enjoy the bar, a warm welcome awaits. Where available we offer full table service. We look forward to having you join our club.



Each Bingo Club has an extensive food menu that changes regularly. We can cater for Member’s event’s & party bookings too. Great food available all day, every day.


Our shop is open for business and the inventory continues to grow. Our Unique Selling Point that no other online sellers have is that you can visit any of our clubs & “try before you buy”.
Just let us know what you want to try & where & we will get you sorted! Thinking of buying a pool table? You can try one out in our clubs!



Each of our clubs has a dedicated over 18’s only Slot Lounge.